We are at the end of another week, which means we gathered a fresh batch of CRE news articles for you to review. This week we found Houston’s office market still struggling, an affordable housing requirement raised in San Francisco, Ralph Lauren falling on hard times, Urban Outfitters beating the odds, and so much more. See the 10 CRE news articles below to get a better all around view of the industry:

1. This is how the Houston Office Market is Melting Down – Befuddled with optimism, oil and gas companies fought each other over leasing empty office space they might never need, and this created huge fake demand, price spikes, and a boom in development that created a flood of supply of office towers, particularly for the energy sector. (Wolf Street)

2. Hotel Industry to See More Consolidation, Blackstone’s Gray Says – “It’s more efficient to be a big hotel company,” Gray said Monday at the New York University International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference in Manhattan. Travelers want “one big relationship” with a single lodging provider, not multiple ones, he said. (Bloomberg)

3. VOTERS: AFFORDABLE HOUSING REQUIREMENT TO RISE TO 25% FROM 12% – Preliminary results indicate San Francisco voters voted overwhelmingly in favor of Prop C to raise the affordable housing requirement for new projects from 12% to 25%. Developers previously warned the increased burden would slow construction and exacerbate the housing crisis. (Bisnow)

4. REITs Lean On Term Loans For Capital – Ahead of this year’s REIT Week conference, Fitch Ratings sees continued liquidity challenges for the sector, although spreads have fully recovered from their February peaks. (GlobeSt.com)

5. Ralph Lauren to cut jobs, close stores across US – The fashion icon will be shedding jobs and closing stores as part of its new turnaround plan, the details of which will be unveiled on Tuesday when the company’s chief executive, Stefan Larsson, speaks with analysts. (New York Post)

6. These five areas of the U.S. are adding jobs faster than anywhere else – A new government report shows that 308 of the nation’s 342 largest counties increased jobs from the fourth quarter of 2014 to the fourth quarter of 2015. Check out the counties with the fastest job growth. (MarketWatch)

7. The Maturation of Modular Building: A Developer’s Lessons Learned – The process saved one developer at least 15% of the total cost of development. So, why aren’t more developers taking the plunge? (Affordable Housing Finance)

8. How Technology is Disrupting Real Estate – Commercial real estate has historically relied upon in-person interaction to get things done, but an influx of new technology is transforming the space. (CBRE Blueprint)

9. U.S. Industrial Real Estate Market Powers Through Economic Headwinds –  In April, many large manufactures expanded, and occupiers’ demand for space continued to outpace the available supply. Across the U.S. industrial vacancy rate have declined for the 22nd consecutive quarter to 6.3 percent, 10 bps lower than the previous quarter and 70 bps lower than this time last year.  (Colliers Knowledge Leader)

10. Urban Outfitters Stands Apart from Apparel Sector Peers The company cleared a relatively easy same-sales hurdle from last year, noted one analyst, but it also appears to be capitalizing on that victory by making smart retailing decisions for the years to come, according to industry experts. (NREIonline)

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