Father’s day is just around the corner, don’t spend it catching up on this week’s news. Check out our weekly roundup of CRE news articles instead and enjoy your Sunday. This week we found Staples’ strategy to use their excess space, Massachusetts spending $1.1B in affordable housing, rental cost continuing to soar, what’s happening in the smart parking industry, and so much more. See the 12 CRE news articles below to get a better all around view of the industry:

1.Commercial Property Gets Shakeup From Millennials Who Shun Stuff – Millennials have a higher “experience-to-stuff” ratio for their disposable income than members of the baby boomer and Gen X groups had when they were 24 to 35 years old, MetLife Investment Management said Thursday in a report. (Bloomberg)

2. Negative Rates Alone Struggle to Lift Growth – It is perhaps the clearest sign of the intense difficulty that central banks are encountering in their extraordinary efforts to stimulate slumping economies—even as interest rates plunge to fresh lows. (Wall Street Journal)

3. Why China Will Keep Pumping Capital into the US Real Estate Market – Chinese investors spent more than $100 billion on U.S. real estate in the last five years, an amount that’s expected to double by 2020. Can this pace continue? (Commercial Property Executive)

4. Fortune 500: Here Are The Top 10 Retailers – The 2016 Fortune 500 list came out last week; here are the top 10 retailers on the list, amid the growing battle of e-commerce vs. brick-and-mortar. (Bisnow)

5.  Politicians agree on bill banning Airbnb short-term rental ads – The bill would prohibit the advertising of home sharing in multi-family units in New York City for less than 30 days and carry fines of up to $7,500 for multiple violations. (NY Daily News)

6. New-look McDonald’s moving headquarters into Chicago by 2018 – The fast-food chain confirmed on Monday that it will relocate its global headquarters from suburban Chicago to the city’s downtown by spring 2018, putting new-look facilities and appealing to younger, visionary talent high up on its revitalization menu. (MarketWatch)

7. The Most Walkable Metros With the Highest Rent Premiums – Rent values for multifamily properties in major metros with the most walkable urban space post a 66% premium over those in drivable suburban locations. (Multifamily Executive)

8. Why Density Is Our Friend, Not Our Foe – At a time when America is becoming increasingly urbanized and housing is in high demand, Chicago residents find themselves in a conundrum; what is the need for density in urban areas and how do we accomplish necessary growth when there is a continued effort to limit density and reduce housing units? (Colliers Knowledge Leader)

9. Population Boom Leads To Healthcare Boom – One Technology Center’s location within the 900-acre South Texas Medical Center makes it ideal for companies dedicated to supporting the increasing demand in the healthcare industry. (Globest.com)

10. Baby, You Can Drive My Car: Self-Driving Cars and #CRE – Soon, our old fashioned laws in the United States will finally catch up with technology and permit these George Jetson vehicles from the future on public roads. When Uncle Sam gives the thumbs up, we will see a massive difference in how people commute. (Cushman & Wakefield Atlanta Blog)

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