We had the pleasure of meeting with Caleb Racicot of TSW Design in Atlanta to discuss the importance of strategic urban planning and zoning policies for commercial real estate in any city. Good zoning regulations and proper city planning can help preserve the historical aesthetics of an area while still driving urbanization. Access to public transportation and pedestrian/bike friendly areas are the sorts of things that the right policies can bring to a city.

In the five parts leading up to this final video we had the chance to discuss all of those things with our seasoned community planner friend. Today we end with a discussion over housing. The housing expenses have been rising quickly in many cities, especially the cost of rentals, and regulations directly impact those prices. Caleb goes over the strategies for planning and zoning to ensure an equitable mix of housing. He also speaks about educating communities into accepting affordable housing.

We have enjoyed our series with Caleb and cannot thank him enough for making time in his busy schedule. If you just discovered this series you can click here to start from the beginning.

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